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(...before your competition does)

6sense Revenue AI™ eliminates the costs of missed opportunities and mistimed deals by pinpointing the accounts that matter most.

Stop guessing. Start winning.

Trusted by thousands of industry-leading businesses

Fully align your revenue team, finally.

Increase pipeline. Improve conversion. Reduce go-to-market waste.

6sense Revenue AI™ drives predictable revenue growth by uncovering anonymous buyers, understanding their behavior, and directing you to engage the ones most likely to buy.

Buyers don’t care about your quota.

B2B buying teams aren’t big fans of marketers and sellers. Less than 3% intentionally engage revenue teams early in the buying journey. Instead, they conduct online research in stealth mode.

That makes it a lot harder for your team to find and close deals.

But there’s a twist: Buyers create digital “breadcrumb trails” of buying signals as they research. This crucial, unseen data hides in what we call the Dark Funnel™. 

Traditional martech systems can’t interpret it. 6sense can.

revenue pipeline
Convert Untapped Buyer Demand Into Predictable Revenue

Welcome to the Age of Intelligence.

These days, data is easy to come by. There’s so much, in fact, that revenue teams are practically drowning in the stuff. 

The cure for this information overload isn’t more information — it’s intelligence. Relevance.

6sense curates the most relevant B2B dataset available, arming revenue teams with the right information to engage with the right accounts, with the right messages, at precisely the right time.

Purpose-built for revenue teams —
especially yours.

6sense’s groundbreaking AI continuously delivers the intelligence that revenue teams need most: world-class intent data, accurate predictions of buying stages & fit, recommendations for next best actions, and more.

Unify the Revenue Team
Integrate your tech with actionable intelligence

Game-changing integrations. 2024新澳洲幸运10开奖直播网站-在线预测号码计划

Intelligence meets convenience.

Leverage our the full depth and breadth of 6sense data in the applications your sales and marketing teams use every day: Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, SalesLoft, and others.


Build a data-driven strategy to succeed

Generate revenue more effectively.

Our customers experience breakthrough results using our platform.

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“Taking action real-time is absolutely critical for us, so 6sense is empowering every marketer with SEI to successfully go to market with their segment.”

Seth Morrison

Chief Marketing Officer, SEI

“6sense helped our AEs find new opportunities, rather than relying on inbounds. It opened up a whole new world of opportunities for them.”

Rachael Tiow

Head of Global Account-Based Marketing, Auth0


“6sense has been incredibly, intrinsically valuable. It’s a huge win for us. We’ve scaled, we’ve aligned the business around a single go-to-market strategy, and the power of 6sense is right in the middle of it all.” 

Paul Tasker

VP of Marketing Operations, Sage Software

“6sense is a big reason why we met our goals for pipeline this year. We’re in 6sense all the time, trying to adjust as quickly as we can to stay up with the times and it’s one of the best tools.”

Bob Wassell

SDR Director, UJET

Integrate your tech stack with 6sense insights

Aggregate insights, centralize audience creation, and empower your team with more ways to win by integrating 6sense with existing technology investments.

Manage your revenue tech stack — using a bespoke mix of apps and tools that best serve your business — to fully power your ABM vision.

Your entire business succeeds with 6sense

Chief Marketing Officer


Drive cross-company strategy with the right insights.

Demand Gen

Demand Gen

Boost conversions with the most engaged audiences.



Run targeted campaigns to key personas.



Align sales and marketing with rich insights.

Inside Sales

Inside Sales

Engage HQLs, armed with relevant data.

Rev Ops


Streamline your teams and technologies to hit revenue goals.

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Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.

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