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The insights sales leaders need to hit their revenue goals.

Aggressive Revenue Target? No Problem.

Achieve predictable, strategic growth while inspiring and leading sales teams to crush their quotas.

Target the Right Accounts & Boost Win Rates

6sense predicts when accounts are ready to buy and delivers rich insights that salespeople use to engage buying teams at ideal moments with high-value, personalized outreach.

The modern sales leader should be focused on:


Key Features for Sales Leaders:

Proactive Prospecting

Arm reps with the resources they need to craft personalized, persuasive outreach that engages the best accounts — long before the competition comes knocking.

Deal Acceleration

Deep insights empower reps to multi-thread across buying teams and seal the deal sooner.

Intelligent Sales Planning

Focus sellers on a defined set of accounts and balance territory potential across reps.

Audience Creation

Efficiently identify, target, and analyze unique segments to enter new markets, and expand within your current market.

AI-Based Recommendations

Remove guesswork from account engagement with next best actions that help your reps prioritize actions and reduce manual efforts.

Set Your Sales Team Up For Success

Develop laser focus

Use dynamic data-driven territories to focus salespeople on accounts most ready to buy.

Retain top talent

Sellers need a modern, proven process that eliminates wasted effort on spam and cold calls to improve sales productivity.

Exceed your goals

With high-quality opportunities in the pipeline, sales can focus on closing larger deals, faster.

Bring Sales & Marketing into Lockstep

If you’re still relying on traditional inbound tactics and MQLs, you’ll continually lose deals to your competition.

Fully align your sales team with a target account strategy powered by 6sense’s AI-powered predictions to get you into larger deals more quickly — and win them more often. Remove the guesswork from prospecting by utilizing 6sense's recommended actions and talking points.

Get into deals earlier

See which accounts are actively researching your competition, assess risk, and take action.

Identify upsell opportunities

Access data and insights into keywords, firmographics, technographics, and more to expand customer relationships.

Increase contract values

Increase ACV by 2x by using 6sense-qualified accounts to prioritize sellers who represent the strongest revenue opportunities.

“6sense is our ‘fish finder.’ With an ocean full of fish, 6sense tells you where to drop the line. If you’re not leveraging this as a seller, you’re missing out on opportunity.”

Steven Fitz

Chief Revenue Officer, Sumo Logic

“Here’s how I see account prioritization: there are a million stones on the ground. As a seller, you’re turning them over one by one, looking for the best accounts. 6sense tells you, ‘Go look in that corner. That’s where the opportunities are.’”

Dustin Deno

SVP of Global Sales, Showpad

“Knowing which accounts to prioritize is an ongoing challenge for SDR teams. With the buyer intent and predictive modeling insights from 6sense, the guessing game becomes a strategic game plan for our reps.”

Kris Laird

Director of Sales Development, Ingeniux

Ready to see 6sense in action?

Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.