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AI Email Assistant, Powered By Conversational Email

Your win rate is zero in accounts you never work. Increase pipeline quality and velocity with conversational email. 6sense® Conversational Email helps marketers leverage AI to craft relevant, on-brand email campaigns that compel conversations and get meetings booked.

Move accounts through the buyer's journey

Deliver personalized, and contextually-relevant, emails to all of your buyers throughout every step of their buying process.

Boost your KPIs & conversion rates

Pre-qualify inbound leads with lightning speed, create personalized emails in a few clicks, and proactively engage all of your buyers with AI assistance.

Create pipeline with more efficiency

Take away the guesswork and time-intensive manual tasks placed on your revenue teams. Leverage AI to create more engaging emails, help automate qualification, and handover to sales.

Generate Pipeline with Generative AI

Ignored or underworked accounts have long been a source of friction between sales and marketing, leading to insufficient follow-up, forgotten leads, and missed revenue opportunities. 6sense® Conversational Email gives revenue teams the power to engage accounts with timely relevant outreach, at scale, so you never have to miss a revenue moment again.

Move accounts down the funnel & engage them the right way

Keep your buyers engaged at every step of their buying journey with relevant and personalized messaging unique to their needs.

Scale your efforts with AI assistance that reaches your audience based on dynamic behavior and interprets context to send replies on your behalf.

Marathon Health sourced $4.5M in pipeline in just 2 months using Conversational Email.

Using an AI Assistant to nurture middle-of-the-funnel buyers by city, Marathon Health also increased email open rates by more than double the average industry rate.

Qualify & convert leads

Create workflows for your AI assistant to qualify, nurture, and convert inbound leads into booked meetings.

Nurture buyers at scale

Setup various AI assistants with unique personas to send tailored outreach based on buying behavior, including early stage peer-to-peer nurture, closed/lost opportunities, and customer cross-sell/upsell opportunities.

Ensure timely response

Use AI-driven responses and automation to serve relevant and timely outreach to unworked accounts and contacts until they’re ready for a meeting with sales.

Boost KPIs & conversion rates with less effort

Automate your conversion and qualification processes, leading to better qualified leads and less time wasted on manual efforts.

Keep all of your leads warm with automated campaigns that deliver personalized and relevant messaging, ensuring an opportunity never slips through the cracks.

Vendavo generated 33% of marketing won revenue with Conversational Email.

In 6 weeks, the AI Assistant delivered 66 qualified contacts, 19 meetings booked, and 10 opportunities, totaling to $3.3M in pipeline.

Let AI do the work

Utilize AI to engage prospects until they’re ready for human interaction. Our AI will loop the appropriate team member in to provide response as needed.

Reduce BDR efforts

Allow AI to handle engagement with low-intent leads and event or webinar attendees with timely follow-up, so BDRs can focus on high-value tasks like taking meetings and creating opportunities.

Increase capacity

Manage a higher volume of inbound leads, and convert more of them into opportunities. Ensure each account receives the appropriate response.

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Create pipeline more efficiently & reduce waste

Leverage AI assistance to reduce manual processes, provide a better experience for your buyers, improve efficiency for your marketing and sales teams, and increase engagement. 

Keep BDRs focused on the accounts that are ready to engage (not writing emails, qualifying leads, and trying to schedule meetings).

Custom Truck One Source created $6M in net-new pipeline in 2 months with Conversational Email.

In addition, they saved their revenue team roughly 530 hours of work by using Conversational Email.

Eliminate wasted efforts

Reduce the time your demand gen teams spend trying to draft and optimize emails. Instead use customized generative AI to write emails based on your brand identity, voice, and product knowledge.

Prioritize BDR work

Leverage AI assistance to nurture accounts until they’re ready for a meeting and keep BDRs focused on accounts that are ready to engage – not writing emails, qualifying leads, and trying to schedule those meetings.

Engage the entire buying team

After enriching and acquiring the right contacts, ensure your team is multithreading to engage the entire buying team, targeting key personas.

“If you can create a highly relevant email stream speaking specifically to the problems of your prospects, you can generate really, really high open rates, engagement rates, and ultimately closed-won deals.”

Troy Prudue

Director of Growth Marketing, Marathon Health

“Conversational Email AI assistants are fully executing campaigns and following up with leads that our SDRs didn’t have the bandwidth to go after.”

Rich Fong

Senior Manager of Sales Development, Vendavo

“The amount of work Conversational Email does in a day would take someone on my team a week to do. It’s like having five more SDRs working simultaneously.”

Walker Smith

Manager of Sales Development, CustomTruck One Source

Conversational Email Features:

AI Email Writer

Use your best content to train your own generative AI with your brand identity, voice and product knowledge to draft and optimize emails designed to generate pipeline.

Prompt Library

Brief your AI Writer on the intended audiences, message objectives, and necessary talking points using prompts. Choose from a curated list of pre-loaded prompts or create your own. Access prompts across teams and quickly generate email copy.

AI Conversation Flow Builder

Design intent-based email campaigns using visualization to build conversation scenarios and responses for your AI Assistant. Run thousands of simultaneous conversations, autonomously.

AI Assistant

Leverage AI to interpret and automate responses for each conversation scenario. The AI Assistant works on your behalf to schedule follow-up based on out-of-office replies, send targeted content, and loop sales into qualified conversations.


Automate repetitive tasks by setting up workflows to perform specific actions based on rules and triggers on objects like conversations, leads, accounts, or campaigns.


Know the number of conversations started and meetings booked to better understand your impact on pipeline. Track performance by any time period across teams, campaigns, or AI Assistants.

Frequently Asked Questions

An AI email assistant engages, qualifies leads, and holds personalized conversations on behalf of sales and marketing teams. They are customizable, intelligent, and never get sick. You can build a variety of AI email assistants for different personas and campaigns to ensure no revenue opportunity gets missed.

Conversational email is a tool that combines the latest in artificial intelligence and natural language processing to help sales and marketing teams automate email outreach and increase lead conversion rates. It assists with generating one-to-one conversational email campaigns, understanding customer intent, and looping in appropriate team members as needed.

AI can be used in email marketing to automate processes such as personalizing outbound emails, segmenting audiences, and predicting how to engage the best accounts. AI can also be used to keep prospects engaged in email conversations until they are ready for human interaction, improving lead quality and eliminating wasted seller effort.

Integrations built to centralize & maximize your tech stack

6sense already integrates with a wide range of sales, marketing, and operations technologies that your team uses everyday.

Connect critical systems, build more engaging campaigns, and deepen the insights that live within your existing tech stack.

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