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Predictive Marketing Analytics Software

Create predictable revenue growth by focusing on the best accounts and contacts. 6sense predictive analytics tools predict where buyers are in their journeys and focuses your attention on those most likely to buy — without form-fills, sending spam, or wasting effort.

predictive analytics marketing

Run unique plays for each buying stage

Always deliver the right message at the right time, through the right channels. Engage your buyers with the offers and campaigns that will resonate most.

Eliminate guesswork
from lead scoring

Eliminate arbitrary lead scoring and use real-time data about your buyers to understand where they are in their buying journey.

Get into deals earlier
— and close faster

Uncover demand before buyers raise their hand, making it easier to create more personalized campaigns and drive engagement.

Know Who to Target, When, and Why

Align sales and marketing efforts with AI-driven predictions that identify ideal accounts, where they are in the buying journey, and what contacts make up the buying team. This creates actionable insights that fuel demand and accelerate deals.

Run unique plays for each buying stage

Use 6sense AI predictions to know exactly where your buyers are in their process to tailor outreach to their specific situation.

Use 6sense AI predictions to know exactly where your buyers are in their process to tailor outreach to their specific situation.

Remove the guesswork around timing, wasted efforts and asynchronous messaging to provide a better buying experience. 

HighRadius increased engagement by 160% within 3 months of 6sense.

The team also saw a 40% increase in 6sense-qualified accounts.

predictive analytics software

Maximize marketing spend

Allocate marketing resources to in-market accounts to drastically improve performance and impact.

Engage the right way

Use proven AI, machine learning, and historical opportunity data models to tailor and personalize your outreach with an email assistant.

Improve conversion rates

Increase campaign effectiveness and conversion rates going after accounts most likely to convert.

predictive analytics tools

Eliminate guesswork from lead scoring

Use real-time data about your buyers to understand their buying intent and current purchasing stage.

Ditch arbitrary lead scoring in favor of deep insights about buyer behavior that leads to better engagement and better results.

PTC sourced millions in net-new pipeline from 6sense-identified accounts in 3 months.

6sense also helped PTC identify 1,200 net-new accounts and 1,000 qualified leads.

Build high-quality pipeline

Stop waiting time counting “engagement minutes,” and align your revenue team on accounts most likely to convert.

Understand intent signals

Utilize the 6sense intent network and integrate with providers like G2 and Bombora to uncover even more deals.

Improve ICP accuracy

Build your ICP with dynamic, always-on fit prediction models based historical data and millions of real-time signals.

Get into deals earlier — and close them faster

Get alerted to the accounts that are just beginning their buying journey and start engaging them sooner — before your competition even knows they’re in-market.

Build better relationships by delivering a personalized experience tailored to your buyers from the start of their process to the day they sign on the dotted line.

Showpad improves close rates by 289% using 6sense to prioritize its efforts.

Seventy-six percent of Showpad's qualified opportunities were sourced by 6sense.

predictive analytics

Eliminate wasted efforts

Poor-fit or poor timing prospects be gone. Target the best accounts that are in-market to purchase now.

Prioritize your sales team

Align sellers on prioritized lists of accounts and contacts to keep them focused on accounts most ready to buy.

Exceed revenue goals

Use 6sense AI predictions to build high-quality pipeline that increases your win rates by 4x and deal sizes by 2x.

“Knowing which accounts to prioritize is an ongoing challenge for SDR teams. With the buyer intent and predictive modeling insights from 6sense, the guessing game becomes a strategic game plan for our reps.”

Kris Laird

Director of Sales Development, Ingeniux

“We’ve seen that using 6sense buying stages to personalize your website converts a lot higher than just doing personalization for the sake of doing personalization.”

Erin O’Neill

Global Head of Conversion Rate Optimization, Qualtrics

“We no longer using any other lead scoring methodology, other than 6sense, to prioritize our leads. Using 6sense’s predictive lead scoring has evolved our process to ‘this is the way our business is run now’. “

Tara Corey

Vice President of Marketing Operations, Qlik

“Knowing which accounts are in-market has allowed us to shift and be more agile in our marketing strategy. 6sense helps us focus on accounts that will move the needle.”

Megan Landisch

Marketing Ops Team Lead, Zywave

“It was valuable to see 6sense’s ability to continuously machine learn and improve the predictive model as we clean and improve our dataset. That was definitely a differentiator for us.”

Phil Tran

Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations, SailPoint

Predictive Analytics Features:

Account Fit (ICP) Predictions

Uncover the patterns and characteristics that make up your ideal customer using AI to continuously analyze historical opportunity data.

In-Market Stage Predictions

Understand where each account is in the buying process and prioritize efforts on the ones showing high-intent buying signals.

Account Reach Predictions

Answer the question “Are we doing enough to activate this account?” and quickly identify in-market accounts that require additional engagement.

Contact Fit Predictions

Select the best contacts to engage based on historical persona-based activity in successful opportunities.

Contact Engagement Predictions

Understand which contacts are engaged, how and when they are engaged, and where you have whitespace (no activity).

Model Back-Testing

Self-service back-testing reveals the efficacy and data inputs for every one of your company-specific predictive models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Predictive analytics for marketing collects data to be analyzed using predictive models that identify ideal accounts, where they are in the buyer’s journey, and what contacts make up the buying team. Marketing uses these insights to effectively target buyers at the right time in their buying stages with the right message.

Some examples of predictive marketing analytics are ingesting intent data as a buyer researches on your website and after predictive modeling displaying the likely buying stage of that account. Another is taking historical data of how many interactions a certain buyer requires to move to the next stage in their buyers journey and using that insight to highlight buyers that likely need more marketing touches.

Integrations built to centralize & maximize your tech stack

6sense already integrates with a wide range of sales, marketing, and operations technologies that your team uses everyday.

Connect critical systems, build more engaging campaigns, and deepen the insights that live within your existing tech stack.

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