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B2B Programmatic Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Reach the people and accounts that matter most with standout campaigns. 6sense Digital Advertising enables marketers to build cost-effective, hyper-targeted B2B programmatic advertising campaigns that reach the audiences that matter — without the guesswork and wasted ad spend.

Target your most important audiences

Hone in on the buyers and accounts that matter most, and the ones that are most likely to engage with your ads.

Maximize campaign impact & investment

Show up in the places your buyers spend their time, and the sites that are most relevant to your brand.

Maintain brand & campaign control

Tightly monitor and control ad placement and spend to maintain consistency and maximize budget.

Run multichannel campaigns

Create ad campaigns that run across multiple channels while managing them in one place.

B2B Programmatic Advertising
Designed to Maximize ROI

Targeting both the right accounts and individuals is critical to reducing ad spend and improving advertising results. 6sense’s custom DSP and integrations with LinkedIn and Facebook empowers you to precisely target ideal buyers in the most effective channels.

Target your most important audiences

Focus your B2B digital advertising campaigns on the accounts and buyers that are actually in-market and likely to purchase.

Spend your advertising budget in the places that it will have the most impact, driving high engagement and ROI.

SAP decreased ad costs by 60% running campaigns with 6sense digital advertising.

SAP also targeted 2.5x more accounts on a flat marketing spend using 6sense intent- and persona-based criteria.

Target the right accounts

Identify and match key accounts and contacts using 6sense AI predictions that maximize revenue generation efforts.

Reduce cost-per-lead

Use intent signals, predictions, and other data points to focus campaigns and improve conversion rates.

Reach key personas

Setup criteria by role, seniority, and title to reach the right decision makers.

Maximize campaign impact & investment

Use deep insights into your accounts and buyers to create campaigns that will resonate with them.

Show up in the places your buyers spend most of their time and are most likely to engage with your campaigns. 

Florence Healthcare generated 2.5x more pipeline using 6sense intent in ad campaigns.

The team began using 6sense to build campaigns targeting mid-market accounts in their ideal customer profile.

Access deep analytics

Know exactly which accounts and personas your campaigns are reaching — and how they’re engaging with your ads​.

Expand your reach

6sense’s custom DSP grants access to inventory across thousands of publishers, delivering scale and cost-efficiency.

Centralize media reporting

Access comprehensive insights into account engagement, pipeline, and revenue impact in one consolidated platform.

Maintain brand & campaign control

Control costs and placement with an intuitive campaign builder that provides upfront insights about your spend and reach.

Ensure brand safety with placement on sites that align with your core values and goals.

RepTrak reduced ad costs by 96% using 6sense digital advertising.

RepTrak generated 3x more pipeline from LinkedIn advertising by layering in 6sense for audience targeting.

Maximize reach & coverage

Set custom bid prices and control inventory for each campaign to adjust spend accordingly.

Build exclusions & guidelines

Protect your company’s reputation with brand-safety controls built into every campaign.

Target with advanced settings

Control when and where your ads run with site, device, and day-part targeting options

B2B Advertising Features:

Display Advertising

Drive awareness and engagement with granular targeting and efficient reach.

Native Advertising

Boost website traffic with low-cost native ad placements.

LinkedIn Integration

Drive conversions with key buyers using granular persona targeting.

Facebook Integration

Run cost-efficient campaigns to target accounts and contacts.

Video Advertising

Maximize brand reach and scale among target B2B audiences with programmatic video advertising.

Paid Search Advertising

Show up on the searches of the buyers that you care most about.

“The advantage of campaigns run through 6sense is that it’s multichannel, it’s multi-touch, it’s multi-team. It’s one cohesive experience that you look at, and that’s what helps to get the customer advocacy.”

Waseem Kawaf

Global Vice President of Digital Experience, STANLEY Security

“We use channels like LinkedIn and content syndication to serve up highly targeted content based on 6sense intent and buying stage.”

Dorothy Milazzo

Senior Manager of Integrated Marketing, Code42

“We’ve seen that using 6sense buying stages to personalize your website converts a lot higher than just doing personalization for the sake of doing personalization.”

Erin O’Neill

Global Head of Conversion Rate Optimization, Qualtrics

“It’s about having simple campaigns that we can go to market with, that really present FARO well — and then scaling those at a rate that we can, that we need to, to reach all of our customers.”

Kate Kirwan

Global Director of Campaigns and Programs, FARO

Our Custom DSP is Purpose-built for B2B

Get the targeting, control, and visibility required by B2B advertisers — plus the self-serve benefits of a traditional DSP.

6sense Unique B2B DSP Capabilities:

Go beyond superficial ad delivery and metrics with a solution designed to impact engagement, pipeline, and revenue:

Plus, Standard DSP Capabilities:

Build an uncompromising ad strategy that gives you complete campaign control and scalability:

Frequently Asked Questions

B2B advertising, business-to-business advertising, helps companies promote their products or services to other businesses. The aim is to reach the specific employees of the company responsible for making purchase decisions. Many different channels can be used for B2B advertising, including print, digital, social and broadcast media.

B2B programmatic advertising is an automated method for buying, targeting, and serving digital ads to a specific audience. This can include various technologies for aggregating ad inventory, segmenting audiences based on buying stage, ensuring brand safety, optimizing spend, and capturing real-time campaign performance. Ultimately delivering a more efficient way for marketers to reach their audience and get a higher return on investment.

6sense’s built-in custom B2B DSP connects with the world’s largest ad exchanges, as well as Google, LinkedIn and Facebook for scalable, global reach across platforms. 6sense supports a wide range of creative formats, including traditional and HTML5 banners, video, social, and native format ads.

Integrations built to centralize & maximize your tech stack

6sense already integrates with a wide range of sales, marketing, and operations technologies that your team uses everyday.

Connect critical systems, build more engaging campaigns, and deepen the insights that live within your existing tech stack.

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Ready to see 6sense in action?

Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.