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Lead Generation Chrome Extension

6sense Chrome Extension

Everything you need to know about your prospects is just one click away. 6sense’s Lead Generation Chrome Extension empowers sellers to immediately acquire account and contact details, buyer intent data, firmographic and technographic information and more — all from within the browser extension.

Chrome Extension

Access sales intelligence, not just information

70% of buyer research is conducted anonymously, avoiding sales teams at all costs. Uncover these hidden intent signals, map them back to accounts, and access AI predictions to know how to best engage.

Spend less time in tools, and more time selling

Convert information into action. Remove guesswork and drive effortless engagement via integrations with CRM and Sales Engagement Platforms directly inside the extension.

Gain total visibility into accounts & contacts

Access 6sense intelligence to better understand buyers' interests, intent to buy, buying stage (aka their buying maturity), profile fit (how well they match your ICP), and engagement scores (the interest they’ve shown so far).

You don't have to live in LinkedIn anymore.

Conduct LinkedIn research with ease. 6sense’s Chrome Extension illuminates vital information about buyers there, including their interests, their tech stacks — and their propensity to buy. 

Effortlessly push that information to your CRM and other internal systems to immediately drive highly personalized engagement. 

Chrome Extension Features:

Unified Sales Experience

Utilize the same data, insights, and credit management as the full 6sense Sales Intelligence experience.

Account Intelligence

Understand account fit with technographic, firmographic, and intent data readily available in one place.

Accurate Contact Data

Contact details — including phone numbers and email addresses — are verified by 15+ online sources and refreshed monthly to ensure your info is always up to date.

Send Contacts to Your CRM

Quickly unlock and push contact details directly to your CRM with the flexibility to create new fields or keep 6sense data separate.

Add Contacts to Cadences

With a single click, engage high-intent buyers and combine similar personas across accounts into relevant SalesLoft or Outreach cadences.

Intent Keywords

Better understand accounts with unparalleled visibility into intent keywords, visitor activity, and the top pages that buyers are viewing — all within the Chrome extension.

Account Highlights

View account and buyer actions, their engagement timelines, and recommended talking points for quick actionability.

Buyer Discovery

Quickly engage ideal customers with an intuitive B2B account and contact search engine powered by the most relevant and accurate data.

Technographic Prospecting

Pinpoint companies and buyers that are the right fit based on the competing and complementary technologies they’re currently using in their tech stacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can download the 6sense Chrome extension from the Chrome Store here.

6sense’s Chrome extension empowers users to gain account- and contact-level insights for companies — directly from their web browsers.

For instance, when viewing a Linkedin profile, sellers can instantly discover key contact information on user profiles such as first- and third-party intent data and ‌AI-powered predictive buying stages. With this data immediately accessible, sellers dramatically increase productivity and enable the rest of the revenue team to more quickly engage the right accounts. 

A Chrome application helps your team identify which accounts to prospect without switching away from your web browser and the tools you use every day. This greatly increases productivity while eliminating manual tasks and costs.

By providing instant access to relevant account and contact data, the Chrome extension excludes unqualified inbound leads that waste sellers’ time and effort. 

Now armed with a comprehensive understanding of which inbound leads are most likely to qualify, sellers can work closely with marketing to identify the right strategies and tactics to drive similar prospects into the inbound funnel.

Ready to see 6sense in action?

Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.