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Focus on in-market accounts with the best demand generation software.

Uncover Intent to Reach the Right Buyers.

To effectively engage audiences across the buyer’s journey, you’ll need more than a hunch. You need data that reveals intent.

Leverage Intent Data to Generate Demand & Win

6sense orchestrates data from millions of potential buyers to map decision-maker behavior, uncover intent, and accurately predict in-market accounts.

Using 6sense dynamic audience segments and data-driven targeting, your team can drastically improve campaign impact and performance.

Customers see 4x win rates, 2x deal sizes and drastic reductions to opportunity costs.

Watch the 6sense Not a Demo…Demo for Demand Generation

Key Features for Demand Generation:

Campaign & Audience Research

Fully understand your audience with detailed insights to maximize ROI on your campaigns, programs, and messaging.

Digital Advertising

Improve spend efficiency and reach active buyers in target accounts with segmented, multi-channel digital advertising.

Direct Engagement

Build crucial rapport with decision makers at target accounts with engaging, value-packed content.

Inbound Lead Management

Identify your most promising leads and focus efforts to keep them fully engaged.

Take Control of Your Campaigns

Build crucial rapport with decision makers at target accounts with engaging, value-packed content.

Improve campaign targeting

Reach key contacts at the right accounts actively researching for your business.

Scale personalization

Acquire and enrich account and contact records with millions of B2B data points using 6sense.

Convert more demand

There's plenty of demand going unnoticed by your systems of record. Find and convert them.

Data-Fueled Decisions & Superior Conversion Rates

97% of website visitors never fill out a form, leaving your team to make guesses, gate your best content, spam contacts with unwanted outreach, and bombard prospects with cold calls to generate demand.

6sense illuminates the Dark Funnel to deliver ultimate clarity, giving you accurate contact data to engage buying teams with the right message at exactly the right time. It eliminates guesswork, uncovers seller-friendly in-market accounts, identifies topics that resonate, and much more.

predictive analytics

Improve user experience

Dive into website engagement, third-party research, and intent to improve performance.

Gain funnel visibility

Match anonymous visitors to accounts and see where they are in their buying journey.

Make better decisions

Get granular reporting on which campaigns make the biggest pipeline contribution.

“We built hyper-targeted audiences for our go-to-market segments and layered intent data into campaigns we were already running and generated a 2.5x increase in pipeline.”

Jenny Bunn

Director of Demand Generation, Florence Healthcare

“Our sales team leverages 6sense every single day, primarily for account prioritization. They leverage the tool to prioritize account outreach, personalize that outreach, and ensure they are focusing on the right areas.”

Elizabeth McDonough

Senior Director of Demand Generation, Classy

“We take the core pieces of technology, ones we know we aren’t going to change, and make sure when we’re looking at other tech, that they fit within our existing stack. 6sense is now part of that core stack.”

Renny Fidlon

Vice President of Demand Generation, Aria Systems

“My team is able to create focused 1:1 content and messaging, reaching the right buyer at the right time and accelerating the deal by continually pushing great content to that account and buying group in the sales cycle.”

Uran Kabashi

Global Demand Generation & ABM Manager, Aprimo

“With 6sense, we’re able to consolidate to one platform that interoperates with the different pieces, so we have a fuller picture of what happens.”

Nick Ezzo

Vice President of Demand Generation, Sage Intacct

“We really wanted to emphasize building out that buying team, making sure you’re targeting the right contacts — and using that data to go after those contacts with the right message at the right time.”

Shannon Jackson

Director of Demand Generation, ServiceMax

Ready to see 6sense in action?

Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.