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UJET Increases YoY Pipeline by 60% with 6sense, Knocking Pipeline Goals out of the Park

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of all MQLs in 2022 from 6sense ABM play


increase in YoY pipeline

As a hyper-growth startup company with multiple ideal customer profiles, UJET had to find a way to prioritize their sea of accounts. But the perfect ICP, product-market fit and messaging, don’t matter if the timing is off. So, since UJET’s sales development representatives (SDRs) lacked account-level insights on the buyers’ journey, they experienced inconsistent open rates, reply rates, and outbound pipeline.

Bob Wassell, SDR Director at UJET,  explains, “Before 6sense, we were asked to find treasure without a map.” 

Bob shares how 6sense gives UJET the tools to track intent, drive awareness and deliver messages to the right audience at the right time.

The Solution: Getting Granular with 6sense Intent Data

6sense intent data gave the SDRs direction and focus, prioritizing efforts on the right accounts showing interest in solutions like theirs. 

With powerful 6sense insights, UJET’s team of SDRs were able to:

  • Uncover which accounts were visiting their website and where they were located
  • Understand the keywords these accounts were searching for
  • Set up daily alerts for accounts that reached 6QA (6sense qualified accounts) status
  • Build dashboards to view accounts in every stage

SDRs incorporated those searched-for keywords directly into their messaging and optimized their outreach response. As a result, 6sense quickly became an essential coaching and messaging tool for inbound and outbound motions. 

SDRs could also more proactively discuss with their Account Executives (AEs) which accounts made the most sense to focus on, even confidently targeting some accounts in the Consideration stage. 

Bob says, “Fifty-seven percent of all 2022 pipeline came from the Consideration stage. This number inspired a deep trust between SDRs and AEs for building pipeline.” 

Marketing and sales alignment strengthened as 6sense became the tool that brought data to subjective conversations. As Holly Barker, Vice President of Growth Marketing at UJET, shares, “I can’t even remember what life was like before 6sense. It makes our day-to-day so much easier.”  

She continues: “If our CMO asks for all the accounts by intent data, we can easily pull the stages and show him. We’re constantly looking at dashboards we’ve built for the SDRs or marketing team to see how we perform weekly. Having a tool like 6sense has just been a game changer for our team.”

The Results: Meeting Pipeline Goals and Beyond

These days, UJET always ensures there’s an integration with 6sense when they evaluate new technologies. This powerful tech stack integration enables UJET to use 6sense more efficiently to drive outbound efforts and create a more robust inbound engine. 

Since they began using 6sense, UJET:

  • Tracked an initial media impression for an account with little activity that turned into a $1.3 million opportunity
  • Saw 20% of all marketing pipeline dollars come wholly from 6sense in 2022, which is 24% of all volume 
  • Realized 22% of all MQLs in 2022 came from 6sense in the ABM play
  • Saw a 60% increase YoY in pipeline from FY22 to FY23

“6sense is a big reason why we met our goals for pipeline this year,” Bob says. “We’re in 6sense all the time, always trying to adjust as quickly as we can to stay up with the times and it’s one of the best tools. We see our 6sense customer success manager as an extension of our team.”

About the Customer

UJET, the world’s most advanced contact center platform, bridges the technology gap between outdated customer service platforms and modern consumers and brands. Their intuitively designed voice and digital engagement suite, alongside powerful AI and advanced analytics capabilities, makes providing excellent customer experiences seamless for every business. UJET has been ranked #1 in Contact Center Operations by G2 users for 11 quarters in a row. They also won 2022 Best of Enterprise Connect Overall. In addition, UJET is partnered with Google on its Contact Center AI Platform.

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