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Audience Intelligence Platform for Audience Building

Craft your audience-building strategy with dynamic account targeting. 6sense Audience Intelligence empowers revenue teams to define their ICPs and build a list of target accounts from the universe of available opportunities to scale personalized marketing and sales campaigns.

Build the right audience

Find the accounts and buyers that are the best-fit for your business. Uncover in-market accounts that are most likely to purchase from you.

Prioritize the best accounts

Optimize your activities based on real-time data about the buyers that are currently in-market, have a need for your services, and engaging with your campaigns.

Deliver the best experience

Personalize your buyers' experience across multiple channels based on their unique characteristics, pain points, and engagements.

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Build the right audience

Uncover the accounts and buyers that are on the hunt for your products and services. 

Build dynamic audiences in a few clicks using on real-time data including campaign engagement, intent-to-purchase, buying stage, and more.

Leverage 6sense to centralize datasets from CRM and MAP, and combine our propriety data. Leverage over 80 purpose-built filters to build audiences at scale.

Build dynamic lists

Use a variety of data points provided by 6sense to build dynamic audience criteria.

Centralize your data

Aggregate your data on buying stages, website activity, campaign engagement, technographic data, CRM data, and more in one view.

Increase transparency

Align your sales and marketing teams around accounts most likely to convert.

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Prioritize the best accounts

Identify and target the accounts that are in-market and interested in your services, reducing wasted time and effort.

Dive into real-time insights on audiences’ activities, stage of the buying journey, and topics they care about most.

Identify new opportunities

Analyze your in-market ideal customer profile to look for expansion opportunities.

Engage the right way

Use proprietary data points like buying maturity to tailor your outreach and provide relevance.

Boost coverage

Monitor your reach and engagement within ICP and build workflows to trigger response.

Deliver the best experience

Create personalized campaigns that serve unique audiences with the messaging and topics they care about.

Setup ongoing marketing campaigns that leverage dynamic audiences, where accounts move in and out of segments based on various filters, to ensure your campaigns reach the right accounts.

Focus spend & efforts

Eliminate guesswork and prioritize resources on accounts most likely to convert.

Build scalable playbooks

Utilize the 6sense API to dynamic populate personalized variables like company name, industry and relevant interests.

Maximize tech investments

Leverage integrations to connect technologies and orchestrate multi-channel campaigns.

Audience Building​ Features:

Dynamic Segments

6sense segments are the building blocks for an evergreen omnichannel strategy. These dynamic segments leverage parameters that align with your specific go-to-market strategy and use 6sense firmographic, intent, and predictive data.

Audience Filters

Layer in relevant filters to develop audiences based on unique fit and behavior profiles such as campaign interaction, web activity, keyword searches, buying stage, profile fit, competitive analysis, and more.

Data Enrichment

Enrich accounts, leads, and contacts with accurate firmographic data. Purchase net-new contacts, convert CRM leads to contacts, or capture email contacts — all to ensure your audience data is always up-to-date and ready for immediate use.

Segment Templates

A fast and intuitive way to build dynamic segments, our templates encourage customers to create best-practice segments within the platform. Templates include ICP, brand awareness, high engagement, competitor intent, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Audience building is when you create dynamic lists of target accounts based on specific criteria such as buying stage, website activity, campaign engagement, technographics, firmographics, psychographics, and CRM data.

Dynamic audience targeting creates data-driven marketing campaigns and dynamic sales territories to boost coverage and prioritize the best accounts based on your ICP. It empowers revenue teams to execute the right go-to-market approach for each stage of the buying journey.

6sense audience intelligence leverages firmographic, intent, and predictive data to help revenue teams define their ideal customer profiles and build lists of target accounts to scale personalized marketing and sales campaigns.

“Taking action real-time is absolutely critical for us, so 6sense is empowering every marketer with SEI to successfully go to market with their segment.”

Seth Morrison

Chief Marketing Officer, SEI

“Psychographics changed the way I looked at intent. They make the edge of our competitive ax sharper because they help us think deeper about what the recipient of an email is looking for and what they’re truly concerned about.”

Edd Young

Vice President of Sales Ops, Martal Group

“With 6sense, we can break accounts down into categories, then we break that down further: what are they looking at? who’s looking at it? This gives us a targeted list of people to outbound — and a much better chance of connecting.”

Laura Kar

Business Development Manager, Duo Security

“We built hyper-targeted audiences for our go-to-market segments and layered intent data into campaigns we were already running and generated a 2.5x increase in pipeline.”

Jenny Bunn

Director of Demand Generation, Florence Healthcare

Integrations built to centralize & maximize your tech stack

6sense already integrates with a wide range of sales, marketing, and operations technologies that your team uses everyday.

Connect critical systems, build more engaging campaigns, and deepen the insights that live within your existing tech stack.

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Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.