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People Data & Company Info APIs

Deliver real-time enrichment and personalization anywhere, augment form-fill data, and improve campaign performance with the best B2B data API integration.

Access Accurate Data to Power Key Workflows

Enrich your B2B contact database with accurate datapoints to power audience-centric workflows and build more complete buyer profiles to help your team win more deals.

Synchronize Seamlessly with Flexible Data Delivery

Leverage 6sense's powerful set of APIs to drive impact in a variety of use cases, using real-time data enrichment to any internal system or workflow.

Protect Your Data with Security Features

6sense maintains industry-recognized certifications and self-attestations and complies with applicable global regulations to assure data is secure and protected.

APIs Drive Value Across the Revenue Team


Enhance form-fill data to build complete buyer profiles and acquire contact info for key decision-makers to improve lead routing and quality.


Understand what buyers care about, personalize digital experiences across different technology providers, and boost ROI with improved analytics.


Access detailed information on firmographics, key decision makers and the topics they care about to personalize outreach and improve win rates.

Industry-Leading Data Accuracy 

Our APIs offer robust coverage and accuracy to maintain database health. With 6sense, customers gain access to 415M+ buyer profiles, 65M+ company profiles published in over 200 countries, and much more.

Flexible Data Delivery to Any System or Workflow 

Get the data you need, where and when you need it. Our system-agnostic APIs deliver data to your CRM, MAP, data lake, and more.

Designed with Security in Mind 

Control exactly what data is returned to the API, setup flexible API tokens for a variety of use cases, monitor ongoing usage, and leverage our best-in-class infrastructure level security, like rate limiting.

Explore Our Purpose-Built Suite of APIs:

Company Firmographic API

Provides you with comprehensive information about a company – like industry, employee range, revenue range, location and much more – for a variety of use cases, like enrichment and personalization.

People Search API

Empowers you to easily search for people in an organization to find the right contact. It delivers lists of profiles matching an account for a given domain, enabling you to narrow searches for contacts using filters such as locations, industries, and job titles.

People Enrichment API

Enables you to enrich contact-level data directly in your systems of record (e.g.: CRM, MAP, BI, etc.). This API delivers contact information including email, company phone and mobile numbers, title, seniority, job function, and more — all paired with company firmographic attributes.

Company Identification API

As an industry leader with the highest match rates, our Company Identification API identifies anonymous website visitors by taking IP addresses and matching them to accounts. Use this to personalize messages and web content based on company, segment, buying stage, and more.

Lead Scoring & Firmographics API

When leads hit your MAP, automatically enrich with company information and predictive scores you may be missing. Use this to know what buyers are interested in and which accounts they are associated with for better account planning.

It's Easy to Get Started

Our HTTP-based APIs allow for programmatic communication between 6sense and other applications.

Depending on the endpoint, the 6sense API requires different input data, and relevant data is provided in the response.

    "company": {
        "company_match": "Match",
        "additional_comment": "Company name or domain match was found",
        "domain": "",
        "name": "UCLA",
        "region": "Northern America",
        "country": "United States",
        "state": "California",
        "city": "Los Angeles",
        "industry": "Education",
        "country_iso_code": "US",
        "address": "308 Charles E. Young Drive North A210 Fowler Building/Box 951510",
        "zip": "90095",
        "phone": "(310) 825-4321",
        "employee_range": "10,000+",
        "revenue_range": "$5B+",
        "employee_count": "22000",
        "annual_revenue": "7449000000",
        "is_blacklisted": false,
        "is_6qa": true,
        "geoIP_country": "United States",
        "geoIP_state": "California",
        "geoIP_city":   "San Jose",
        "state_code": "CA",
        "industry_v2": [
                "industry": "Education",
                "subindustry": "Colleges & Universities"
        "sic_description": "",
        "sic": "",
        "naics": "6113",
        "naics_description": "Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools"
    "scores": [
            "is_6qa": true,
            "product": "6sense",
            "product_display_name": "6sense",
            "intent_score": 63,
            "buying_stage": "Consideration",
            "profile_score": 9,
            "profile_fit": "Weak"
    "segments": {
        "ids": [
        "names": [
            "Net New Logo Website Engagement Last 30 Days",
            "6s for 6s: Keyword_Sales Intelligence",
            "Cvent: Researching Virtual Events",
            "EY - Enterprise Accounts (DemandGen)"
        "list": [
                "name": "Net New Logo Website Engagement Last 30 Days",
                "id": 4713
                "name": "6s for 6s: Keyword_Sales Intelligence",
                "id": 28237
                "name": "Cvent: Researching Virtual Events",
                "id": 218915
                "name": "EY - Enterprise Accounts (DemandGen)",
                "id": 53685
    "confidence": "Very High"

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The API is designed to load asynchronously in the background. 


One API call per visitor browsing your website. 

Generally, under 150ms depending on location, with under 50ms not uncommon in the U.S. The API is production ready, built to scale, and has been deployed on hundreds of websites without issue. 

Yes. You can implement these APIs as per your Tech Stack requirement. 

Most likely yes. It depends on the solution, business constraints, and sometimes development work.  

6sense delivers one of the highest match rates in the industry. The match rate depends on the type of traffic you are seeing. For example, if the website is primarily B2B, software and tech, and U.S.-based, it can be as high as 75%. Further, we are constantly improving our data to boost our match rates. Learn more in our Guide to Account Identification here.

Generally, 6sense receives this data from data vendors on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

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