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B2B Sales Prospecting Tool
for Prospecting Workflows

With 6sense’s Prospecting Workflows, sellers discover accounts primed to buy, acquire contact information for buying team members, and easily engage them across channels — all from within their CRMs and Sales Engagement Platforms.

Prospecting Workflows

Next-gen buyer discovery & research

Cut through the prospecting noise with advanced buyer discovery and research capabilities. These enable your team to truly understand your prospects’ pains, preferences, and needs.

Fresh contact data, ready for immediate use

Quickly build contact lists and acquire relevant contact information, add them to sales cadences, and then sync it all back to your CRM with ease.

Simplify labor-intensive workflows

Robust CRM and SEP integrations keep sellers focused and on track. Easily research, prospect, and engage across multiple channels without using multiple applications.

Finally, a sane, streamlined selling experience.

6sense’s Prospecting Workflows empower sellers to optimize time spent on the web and within existing sales tools. Convert disparate data across sources, systems, and teams into real-time intelligence on accounts, people, and market segments. 

Sellers enjoy a more intuitive and unified experience during every step of the prospecting and deal journey.

Target accounts with atomic precision

6sense’s Predictive AI technology and industry-leading intent data offers sellers the most relevant source of real-time intelligence.

Our platform assembles insights for more precise discovery and targeting of accounts, people, and market segments.

After using 6sense for three months, HighRadius increased engagement by 160%.

The team also saw a 40% increase in 6sense-qualified accounts.

Simplify buyer discovery & research

Connect with buyers sooner

Get into more opportunities — and beat the competition — by uncovering accounts actively researching solutions like yours.

Find new opportunities ASAP

Discover buyers outside of your CRM and understand their importance to the deal for efficient multi-threading.

Transform research into relevance

Personalize outreach based on account and persona-level insights including keyword intent, web activity, firmographics, technographics, and psychographics.

Get fresh contact data for immediate use (1)

Contact intelligence your team can trust

Stop spending time searching for emails and phone numbers. Give your sellers access to reliable contact and account data.

6sense’s database has over 415 million buyer profiles, 65 million companies profiles, 55 million phone numbers, and 100 million email addresses.

Contact information stored on buyer profiles passes multiple levels of validation and is organized by level of likely accuracy. Our vetting process never stops, ensuring data quality is top-notch.

In four months, PTC sourced $18M in net-new pipeline from 6sense-identified accounts.

6sense also helped PTC identify 1,200 net-new accounts and 1,000 qualified leads.

Options for contact collection

In cases where 6sense cannot provide a buyer’s contact information, you can trigger a live search from the dashboard to check the internet for updated data.

In-market accounts take center stage

Use 6sense’s buyer discovery filters and AI predictions to uncover relevant contacts associated with in-market accounts.

Outreach made easy

Rapidly add contacts to cadences, or engage buyers directly with immediate access to verified email addresses and direct dial phone numbers.

Seamless compatibility with the tools you use

6sense integrates with your sellers’ existing workflows to easily prioritize accounts, optimize B2B prospecting workflows, and find the key buyers.

6sense can be easily embedded directly inside of your CRM and Sales Engagement Platforms, like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Salesloft, and Outreach.

Showpad improved close rates by 289% after using 6sense to prioritize its efforts.

Seventy-six percent of Showpad's qualified opportunities were sourced by 6sense.

Integrate your tech with actionable intelligence

Supercharge seller efficiency

Keep your sellers focused on selling. Assemble and aggregate data sources and insights into a single streamlined view within the tools they already use.

Unify your revenue organization

The unified 6sense Revenue AI™ platform delivers a single source of truth across marketing, sales and operation teams.

Use one tool for countless applications

Engage potential buyers through various channels in one place — including LinkedIn, Salesloft, Outreach, and Salesforce … and directly via email or phone.

Prospecting Workflow Features:

Buyer Discovery

Discover new in-market buyers, acquire their contact information, and then add them to your lists, your CRM, and sales cadences.

Company Hierarchy

Visualize the organizational structure of an account — including its parent company, subsidiaries, regional headquarters, and sister companies — to identify additional opportunities.

Talking Points

Recommend specific messaging for every contact based on key pain points, persona data, firmographic insights, and more.

List Building

Use 6sense data to curate lists of accounts and contacts for sharing across your organization, or to export for other use.

List Enrichment

Upload a CSV of accounts and buyers to enrich with 6sense firmographic and contact data.

Embedded CRM and SEP Experiences

Get full 6sense Sales Intelligence data and insights within Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesloft, and Outreach.

Instantly Add Contacts to Cadences

With a single click, engage high-intent buyers and combine similar personas across accounts into relevant SalesLoft or Outreach cadences.

Sync with CRM & Marketing Automation

6sense synchronizes contact and activity data so your entire revenue team is working from the same powerful data set.

Frequently Asked Questions

A sales prospecting workflow offers sellers the ability to access 6sense data and manage their overall prospecting efforts from the application they are most familiar with (such as a CRM or Sales Engagement Platform).

Using a CRM and Sales Engagement Platform improves sales prospecting workflows. 6sense integrates with CRM systems such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM (CRM Systems). Additionally, 6sense integrates with Sales Engagement Platforms such as Outreach and SalesLoft.

“We really wanted to emphasize building out that buying team, making sure you’re targeting the right contacts — and using that data to go after those contacts with the right message at the right time.”

Shannon Jackson

Director of Demand Generation, ServiceMax

“6sense has got a really nice, elegant way to see data on the CRM side, so that the sales team can utilize the data, prioritize their efforts, and take action.”

Mike Wallgren

Director of Marketing Operations and Digital Marketing, MX

“Our sales team leverages 6sense every single day, primarily for account prioritization. They leverage the tool to prioritize account outreach, personalize that outreach, and ensure they are focusing on the right areas.”

Elizabeth McDonough

Senior Director of Demand Generation, Classy

Integrations built to centralize & maximize your tech stack

6sense already integrates with a wide range of sales, marketing, and operations technologies that your team uses everyday.

Connect critical systems, build more engaging campaigns, and deepen the insights that live within your existing tech stack.

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