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Auth0 Strategically Masters Sales Adoption and Empowers Sales with 6sense

Bellevue, WA
Revenue AI for Marketing

$3 million

pipeline increase in six weeks


of opportunities from 6sense Purchase/Decision stages


increase in average selling price

Getting sales teams to adopt new technologies isn’t easy. However, 6sense customers have leveraged several effective approaches, including:

  • Rolling out adoption in phases
  • Starting with a select group of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and/or Account Executives (AEs)
  • Training and enabling Revenue leadership

But what happens when you execute all of these tactics? You get a revenue engine powerhouse like authentication software provider Auth0:

  • After implementing a 6sense pilot program, Auth0 swiftly sourced opportunities that amounted to a pipeline increase of $3 million
  • 80% of Auth0’s opportunities now hail from 6sense Purchase/Decision stages
  • Auth0’s average selling price has increased by 25%

The Challenges

Auth0 is an easy-to-implement, extensible authentication and authorization platform. Auth0 turned to 6sense to help dramatically scale its revenue team’s outreach efforts and prospect the right accounts, the right people, at the right time, with the right messages.

A Strong Start

The Auth0 team launched 6sense in phases, starting with a training pilot and then a full rollout for AMER and EMEA SDRs and Market Development Representatives (MDRs).

Promising results came quickly — in under six weeks, they sourced an extra 28 opportunities with 6sense, amounting to a pipeline increase of $3 million.

Phases Prove Powerful

After this pilot success, the ABM team expanded access to the 6sense platform to the global SDRs, MDRs, and Demand Generation team. They held weekly office hours and manager check-ins to support accountability at both the rep and manager level.

The AE team’s excitement over their colleagues’ success with 6sense spurred the next phase of rollout — ahead of schedule by six months. Working with sales leadership, the ABM team hand-picked the first round of AEs to gain access to the 6sense platform.

The pilot AEs quickly became “heroes” as they shared stories of how they were using the 6sense platform for effective prospecting and hyper-personalizing their outreach.

Quick Wins Drive Collaboration

Members of the sales team shared their 6sense success stories with each other to drive cross-team collaboration and learning. This accelerated ongoing sales adoption and maintained enthusiasm for the 6sense platform. Some quick wins included:

  • Within about a month, one mid-market AE sourced 16 opportunities through 6sense
  • An Enterprise AE used 6sense to engage the right accounts, the right people, and at the right time for a wine and cheese event 
  • While reviewing win/loss reports, Enterprise Sales Directors leveraged 6sense to determine key signals throughout the sales cycle and spot them in the future
  • SDRs used 6sense on accounts that had gone dark to detect spikes in account engagement, which enabled them to successfully reconnect with those accounts

Bases Are Covered

After Auth0 rolled out 6sense to the entire revenue team, 80% of its opportunities came from 6sense Purchase/Decision stages.

Following that full implementation, Tiow partnered closely with senior leadership to show the ROI and influence 6sense had on pipeline. Having senior leadership invested in Auth0’s success with 6sense set an example and standard for the rest of the team.

“We have the groundswell from our quick wins during the initial phases of launch, and now we have the top-down pressure from leadership — we’ve got all our bases covered,” Tiow explains. “The goal is that all of us win by working together and with 6sense’s data.”

Ed Cho, EMEA ABM program manager and Auth0 6sense program manager, agrees.

“6sense changed how our sales team prospects,” he says. “Before, it was more of a spray-and-pray method, where we didn’t know what accounts to focus on. But now we’re hearing confirmation from the sales team that the 6sense data is key, and that’s what is working for them.” 

The Results

From the beginning, Tiow and Cho were meticulous in tracking opportunities that were sourced or prospected using 6sense, so they could study the results and measure their success. And there’s plenty to be proud of:

  • Less than six weeks after implementing its 6sense pilot program, Auth0 sourced an extra 28 opportunities that amounted to a pipeline increase of $3 million
  • The AE adoption of 6sense was accelerated by six months
  • 80% of Auth0’s opportunities now hail from 6sense Purchase/Decision stages
  • Auth0’s average selling price has increased by 25%

“I like to call 6sense your ‘night vision goggles,’” Tiow says. “You can go into the conversation blind, or you can go in with insights from 6sense. You can see behind the walls, be relevant to your prospects or customers, and be equipped with the right information.”

About the Customer

Auth0 by Okta takes a modern approach to customer identity and enables organizations to provide secure access to any application, for any user.

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