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AI Marketing Platform Powered by Revenue AI™ for Marketing

6sense Revenue AI™ for Marketing enables marketers to illuminate hidden demand living in the Dark Funnel™, understand anonymous buying signals and ignite growth by engaging key buyers within in-market accounts with precise timing and compelling messaging.

Uncover hidden demand

Leverage a centralized platform built for a world where B2B buyers want to be anonymous. Illuminate hidden buying signals to reach businesses that are ready to buy right now.

Target ideal buyers

Remove all the guesswork when developing your ideal customer profile. Leverage purpose-built AI models to understand which accounts to pursue and which decision makers matter most.

Deliver quality pipeline

Drastically improve marketing performance using analysis and intelligence. Execute and scale campaigns to reach audiences throughout their buying journeys — and across all channels and devices.

AI Insights Marketers Need to Drive Predictable Pipeline & Revenue

Our industry-leading insights arm marketers with the kind of recommended actions that generate high-quality pipeline. That means more bang for your buck. 

Use a data-driven approach to execute targeted campaigns that move buyers through the buying journey to fill your funnel with warm leads that are far more likely to convert into revenue.

Get x-ray vision for your marketing team

It’d be so much easier if you just knew who wanted to buy your product. Unfortunately, B2B buyers aren’t helping: only 3% of them fill out website forms. The intentions of the other 97% remain a mystery. 

But not when you use 6sense. We leverage cutting-edge technologies, learning models, and industry-leading artificial intelligence marketing software to illuminate all of those unseen buyer intent signals.

You’ll spot buyers and accounts that you’d never seen before…and you’ll understand exactly what they’re concerned about (and which solutions they want to buy).

Know what to say, every time

Utilize our intent data network that tracks a comprehensive array of buying signals such as site visits, content consumption, peer review sites, keyword research, and more.

Understand anonymous behavior

Accurately match buying signals across various employees, devices, channels, and locations to better gauge a company’s readiness to buy.

Access reliable B2B data

Enrich account and contact data to get a complete picture of your buyers and serve them with relevant information.

Take a data-driven, AI marketing approach

6sense helps marketing teams identify and understand which companies are ready to buy now, and which could use a bit more attention before passing over to sales to work.

After analyzing years of first-party data, our purpose-built AI predictions provide a list of the best accounts to go after. Using these insights, it’s easy to execute and scale targeting marketing campaigns that move accounts down the funnel.

Build custom audiences

Apply our dynamic account targeting with hundreds of filters and data points to craft your audience-building strategy.

Predict buyer maturity

Leverage predictive analytics to understand the best time to engage an account, and where it is in the buying journey.

Achieve engagement at scale

Build marketing orchestrations and workflows to eliminate manual processes and faulty data.

Generate more pipeline, with less effort

Gone are the days of patchwork point solutions that barely work together to build end-to-end campaigns.

6sense’s centralized solution integrates with the technologies that marketers already use every day. We maximize the performance of your existing investments and make it easier to hit your goals.

Boost advertising reach & performance

Build hyper-targeted advertising campaigns to launch native display campaigns, or leverage third-party media partners such as Linkedin, Facebook and Google directly through our solution.

Automate lead nurturing

Create and send generative AI-driven conversational emails at scale for plays such as prospect follow-up, scheduling meetings, and educating poor-fit leads.

Improve pipeline forecasting & planning

Ditch clunky outdated spreadsheets and use purpose-built AI to improve your marketing planning and forecasting.

“Your website activity, email clicks, other engagement with your brand is a fraction of what your available market is doing. Being able to unlock the insights around those activities is super powerful. It’s revolutionizing how we think about B2B marketing.”

Casey Carey

Chief Marketing Officer, Kazoo (Now Worktango)

“6sense gave us a shared language across the teams, both between sales and marketing and regionally between North America and EMEA.”

Dónal Ó Mearáin

Director of Lifecycle Marketing, Bynder

“It’s night and day, before and after we launched with 6sense. You can see the engagement and where accounts might have been in their intent — and then the moment 6sense turns on, you can see a significant lift in engagement.”

Lisa Cole

Vice President of Marketing, FARO

“The ability to pair account scoring with engagement scoring is critical for campaigns to work better — and it ultimately enables us to have more use cases across the organization.”

Joe Rapolla

Sales and Marketing Operations Manager, Nanawall

“With 6sense, we now know who’s buying, who knows us, and where they are in their buyer journey. Now we’re a lot smarter about everything we do throughout that experience.”

John Whiteside

Associate Vice President of Digital Programs, HighRadius

“These are all opportunities we wouldn’t have had without 6sense, and all from marketing-generated efforts. From a customer journey perspective, 6sense won the game. We’re all in on 6sense.”

Mitch Katseanes

Director of Global Demand Generation, Onesource Virtual

6sense Revenue AI™ for Marketing Features

Intent Data

Turn a massive volume of intent signals into actionable insight that accelerates demand. Target the right accounts to generate more leads drastically improve conversion rates.

Audience Creation

Mobilize the revenue team around high-value account targets that can be segmented, measured, and analyzed.

Digital Advertising

Build dynamic targeting criteria to reduce spend and maximize impact by reaching key personas at the right accounts.

Predictive Marketing

Use 6sense AI predictions to eliminate the guesswork around timing and trigger marketing campaigns towards the best accounts.

Multichannel Orchestration

Leverage integrations to execute across all your channels including display, website, content, chat, personalization, email cadences, and more to consistently deliver the right message.

Conversational Email

Create scalable nurture programs that use AI-driven responses to qualify and convert inbound leads into booked meetings.

Advanced Analytics

Real-time dashboards provide insights on campaign performance, how marketing contributes value, and gaps to address.

Pipeline Intelligence

AI-powered recommendations so you can plan, track, and forecast pipeline quality and make the right adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

AI marketing software is used to:

  • Identify potential customers
  • Engage them
  • Accurately predict when they are likely to make a purchase
  • Predict which marketing messages will best resonate with those prospects
  • And much more

Noteworthy applications of AI marketing software include:

Account Identification: Connect web traffic and intent signals to buyers and accounts across devices, channels, and locations. World-class providers use AI to spot ideal accounts, where they are in their journey, and members of the buying team.

Intent Data: Uncovers hidden demand from B2B buyers and identifies accounts that are ready to buy. The best solutions deliver buyer intent signals from proprietary intent networks and other B2B information sources such as Bombora, G2, TrustRadius, and more.

Data Enrichment & Management: AI marketing software can also cleanse and enrich the real-time data that powers B2B revenue teams. Great solutions align sales and marketing via a singular, comprehensive dashboard that provides insights on your accounts and their associated buying teams.

Predictive Analytics: Predictive analytics tools predict where buyers are in their journeys and focus your attention on those most likely to buy.

Audience Building: Craft an audience-building strategy with dynamic account targeting. The best solutions empower revenue teams to define their ICPs and build a highly scalable campaigns targeting in-market accounts from available opportunities.

Digital Advertising: Enables marketers to build cost-effective, hyper-targeted B2B programmatic advertising campaigns that reach the audiences that matter — without the guesswork and wasted ad spend.

Conversational Email: Revenue teams can increase pipeline quality and velocity by using AI to craft relevant, on-brand email campaigns that compel conversations and get meetings booked.

Pipeline Intelligence: This capability eliminates guesswork from pipeline forecasting by using real-time data and AI. Marketers can confidently drive targeted demand generation strategies that consistently achieves pipeline and revenue goals.

The best providers of AI marketing software enable marketing and sales teams to fully align on metrics, strategies, and business goals. 


AI marketing software drives predictable revenue growth by uncovering anonymous buyers, understanding their behavior, and directing you to engage the ones most likely to buy. The best solutions help organizations increase pipeline, improve conversion rates, and reduce go-to-market waste.


They also seamlessly integrate with the applications your sales and marketing teams use every day, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, SalesLoft, and others.

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