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Granular targeting to maximize campaign performance and impact.

Advertising Made for B2B

Use standout campaigns to reach the people and accounts that matter to your business.

Precision Targeting for B2B Advertisers

Stop settling for limited targeting that wastes your budget on irrelevant audiences.

Combining our platform’s account matching capabilities and custom DSP, advertisers have granular control to prioritize spend and reach only the accounts that matter to you.

6sense offers advertisers unique targeting parameters to tailor campaigns, like persona, function and seniority.

Key Features for Digital Advertisers:

Account Fit (ICP) Predictions

Uncover the patterns and characteristics that make up your ideal customer using AI to continuously analyze historical opportunity data.

Contextual Targeting

Custom built contextual segment that help you place your ads in the places they're most likely to succeed.

Deep Analytics

Know exactly which accounts and personas your campaigns are reaching — and how they’re engaging with your ads​.

Predictive Advertising

Use our predictions, intent signals, and other data points to focus campaigns on the best accounts.

Scalable & Cost-Effective Advertising

Traditional B2B advertising channels are expensive and offer limited scalability as your business grows.

Build an uncompromising multichannel ad strategy that gives you control and scalability through 6sense’s custom DSP and integrations with media partners.

Combined with dynamic forecasting and reporting capabilities, watch your business grow with confidence. 

Run native advertising

6sense’s custom DSP gives you access to inventory across thousands of publishers, delivering scale and cost-efficiency.

Leverage media partners

Integrations with LinkedIn and Facebook makes dynamic 6sense audiences available as part of any LinkedIn campaign.

Focus your ad spend

Dynamic and predictive segments prioritize advertising to the accounts most likely to engage and purchase​.

Complete Campaign Control

Don’t compromise your advertising strategy because of your ad partner’s limitations.

Control when and where your ads run with site, device, and day-part targeting options so you can precisely target your most important audiences. 

Set custom bids

Set bid prices for every campaign, to maximize coverage depending on audience size and importance.

Expand your reach

6sense’s custom DSP grants access to inventory across thousands of publishers, delivering scale and cost-efficiency.

Maintain brand consistency

With brand-safety controls built into every campaign, take control with confidence your brand is protected

Transparent Reporting & Insights

See beyond superficial ad metrics and measure your impact on engagement, pipeline and revenue.

Dynamic reporting capabilities allow you to optimize ad spend and focus your resources on the accounts that matter most. 

Gain complete visibility

Centralized transparent reporting means seeing every site your ads are on and every account you reach.

Setup daily reports

Use detailed daily reporting by website, account, persona, and creative to
optimize campaigns.

Centralize your reporting

Consolidate all media reporting for comprehensive insight into account engagement, pipeline and revenue impact.

“The advantage of campaigns run through 6sense is that it’s multichannel, it’s multi-touch, it’s multi-team. It’s one cohesive experience that you look at, and that’s what helps to get the customer advocacy.”

Waseem Kawaf

Global Vice President of Digital Experience, STANLEY Security

“We’ve seen that using 6sense buying stages to personalize your website converts a lot higher than just doing personalization for the sake of doing personalization.”

Erin O’Neill

Global Head of Conversion Rate Optimization, Qualtrics

“Putting the account at the center of it changes the conversation very much. At the end of the day, we do business with accounts, and we don’t do business with leads.”

Craig Chappell

Vice President of Digital and co-CMO, Diligent

“With 6sense, we now know who’s buying, who knows us, and where they are in their buyer journey. Now we’re a lot smarter about everything we do throughout that experience.”

John Whiteside

Associate Vice President of Digital Programs, HighRadius

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