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6sense Data Packs

Accurate, scalable datasets that are trusted by global enterprises to power their most business-critical use-cases.

Data Packs

Accurate data to power business-critical insights

 ​Fill gaps and inaccuracies in first-party data that other providers can’t reliably address. Our industry-leading coverage is attributed to our proprietary Account Identification Graph and custom Master Company Database.

Relevant data for your most important use cases

Flexibility in data offering – choose the most important data types and deploy them anywhere. ​ Hassle-free, ad-hoc data offering that’s easily deployed and accessible across all your systems. 

Scalable datasets for immediate & future needs

Choose what you need when you need it. Grow your data as business objectives evolve. ​ Reduce operational overhead with data delivery where you need it via Snowflake,  Amazon S3, or SFTP. 

Industry-Leading Data Accuracy to Power Relevant Use Cases at Scale

Transform 6sense’s bestinclass datasets into actionable business intelligence for an unstoppable competitive edge. 6sense Data Packs are trusted by data experts and revenue leaders at global enterprises to fuel GTM strategies, optimize reporting, and deliver businesscritical insights.


The foundation of success for 6sense customers is the quality of our data.  

  • Our data is consistently refreshed, vetted and improved through machine learning and human-in-the-loop processes. 
  • Our data coverage and accuracy is award-winning.
  • We are an industry leader for differentiated analytics and combined data approach.

6sense data is delivered where you want it, when you need it.  

  • We directly integrate datasets to Snowflake for easy processing and streamlined data unification.  
  • Our Amazon S3 integration allows for easy storage and integration options into numerous leading BI, and Analytics & Data tools.  
  • SFTP server downloads are also available as an additional delivery option.

Choose which data types you need now and expand when it makes sense.

  • Our data packs are sold à la carte, so you only have to purchase what you need, and expand whenever you want.
  • Our professional services team is available to scope your needs and help determine the best data types for your use case. 
  • There’s no requirement for a platform subscription to access our industry-leading Keyword Intent, Firmographic, and Technographic data. 6sense customers gain access to addition data types, like Web Visit, Ad Media, Predictive, and Segment Participation data.

Access the Most Relevant & Complete Dataset for B2B

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Intent Signals
Analyzed Monthly
0 B+
IP Addresses
0 M+
Company Profiles Published Across 200+ Countries
0 K+
Technologies Tracked
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Technolographic Signals Captured Monthly
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Integrations with External Media Platforms
Account & People Scoring Predictive Models
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Filters & 10 Categories for Segmentation

Explore Our Data Types

Firmographic Data

Enrich databases with firmographic data for accurate ICP modeling, enhanced audience models, and improved targeting accuracy. 

Technographic Data

Enrich databases with technographic data for accurate ICP modeling, TAM technology analysis, and technographic audience models.  

Keyword Intent Data

Free-text based keywords allows targeting exactly what matters most to your audience. Build intent based audience models that Demand Generation and Sales teams can leverage for tailored messaging, custom lead-scoring, and proactive prospecting.

Ad Media Data

Analyze ad spend performance, account-based campaign performance and trends, and campaign influence reporting across campaigns run on 6sense, LinkedIn, Google, and other external ad media integrations.

Predictive Data

Create better funnel reporting and targeting to ensure you’re capturing the right accounts at the right time, using our purpose-built account and people scoring predictive models.

Web Visit Data

Turn web data into action. Analyze campaign traffic outcomes, more effectively score and analyze website activity, and perform account-based A/B analysis and more with web visit data.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have several Data Pack offerings that don’t require a 6sense platform subscription. These include Firmographic, Technographic, and Keyword Intent data. 

As a 6sense customer, you’ll gain access to additional data types, like Ad Media, Predictive, Web Visit, and Segment Participation data.

All Data Packs are purchased à la carte. This allows you to buy only what you need.

This is dependent on both the file and on how much activity and data your organization generates. File sizes can range from several megabytes to a few gigabytes. First time predictive files will be especially large but will taper off after the first day as we only transmit the delta compared to the previous day.  

We support delivery to our SFTP server, which we will provide access to. Alternatively, we also support direct delivery to S3 or Snowflake if your organization is using one of those tools.  

It depends on the Data Pack. 

Firmographics and Technographics are delivered monthly or quarterly based on customer preference. Keyword Intent can be delivered weekly, monthly, or quarterly. 

The Web Visits, Predictive, Segmentation Participation, Ads Media, and External Media are delivered on a daily basis.

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