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Customer Stories

Some of the world’s most forward-thinking companies are using 6sense to drive efficiency within their organizations.

We’re thrilled to work with companies who revolutionize revenue creation, and we hope to see your name here soon.

Find out why leading businesses choose to do business with 6sense.

Brett Fountain joined leading cybersecurity company Deepwatch to build their partner strategy with Amazon Web Services (AWS). As the current Head of Technology Alliances and with AWS experience in previous roles, Brett knew Deepwatch needed 6sense to run a successful AWS partnership. 

6sense Revenue AI™ took Anthology from a lead-centric strategy to an account-based one.

Ivanti’s use of 6sense spans the entire revenue team — from business development representatives (BDRs) to paid media marketers. 

To help discover intent from buying centers across territories, JLL leveraged 6sense to refine their advertising strategy.

Two of Hyland’s main growth drivers are 6sense and 2X, a Tier 1 6sense services partner that specializes in helping B2B sellers get the most from our platform. 6sense powers Hyland’s account-based marketing (ABM) strategy, while 2X’s Marketing Resource Center (MRC)  provides extra 6sense-certified talent to help the Hyland marketing team boost ABX campaign scale and efficiency. 

Headquartered in the U.K., Eckoh’s goal was to continue its global expansion, with a particular focus on growth in the U.S. 

Sandler needed a way to bring technologies together with in-depth data to understand the customer journey. 6sense was the answer.

Closing the Deal: Case Studies on Overcoming Common Challenges in B2B Sales

From Leads to Conversions: Case Studies on B2B Marketing with 6sense

Over the last decade, Sprout Social has quickly established itself as a technology-stack staple for organizations streamlining their social media. To support continued growth, Sprout Social implemented 6sense Revenue AI™ in 2022. 

ThreatConnect's traditional lead-based go-to-market market strategy fell short in empowering sales team members to identify accounts that were in-market for its solutions. Adopting 6sense not only refined their account-based go-to-market strategy but also remarkably reduced sales cycle length by 37% for its highest value ICP accounts.

With a data-driven approach powered by 6sense to identify and target new business, a large financial services company’s revenue team now sees accelerated revenue growth.

After evaluating several solutions, NewStore selected 6sense to help their sales and marketing teams better understand prospects and engage them in customized, hyper-relevant ways.

Gabi Fishkind, the company’s Head of Revenue Development, explains how 6sense has helped Ceros’ go-to-market efforts and achieve an impressive additional 450 opportunities with a meeting-to-SQL conversion rate of over 72%.

Tammie Larson, Director of ABM and Integrated Campaigns at LaunchDarkly, shared how 6sense provides stability in the face of change and enables revenue team members to strategize with confidence.

Elisity started using 6sense in November 2020, almost immediately after coming out of stealth, meaning they had to start learning everything about their customers from scratch. 

A global provider of fastening solutions spent years using traditional approaches such as print advertising to market its brand and products with limited success. Then, a few years ago, they implemented a digital transformation that shifted their mindset and modernized their sales and marketing motions.

Automox marketers explain how they used 6sense to launch an outbound ABM strategy.

FullStory needed a robust platform to support their new ABM plans with persona maps and intent data. 6sense proved the perfect solution for aligning sales and marketing around trusted data, prioritizing in-market accounts based on intent signals, and expanding outreach into enterprise-sized companies.