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“Millions of dollars in sales have come just solely on net new opportunities that have been uncovered by 6sense.”

Bob Dudzinski

Vice President of Corporate Development, Custom Truck One Source

“With 6sense, we are able to give sales priority, so they have time to spend on those accounts that have a higher intent to purchase. That drives efficiency.”

Gaidar Magdanurov

Chief Marketing Officer, Acronis

“With 6sense, we now know who’s buying, who knows us, and where they are in their buyer journey. Now we’re a lot smarter about everything we do throughout that experience.”

John Whiteside

Associate Vice President of Digital Programs, HighRadius

Featured Contributors

Latané Conant

Latané Conant

Chief Market Officer, 6sense

Kerry Cunningham

Kerry Cunningham

Head of Research, 6sense

Eric Wittlake

Eric Wittlake

Sr. Director of Strategic Marketing, 6sense

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