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Revenue Intelligence Platform

Achieve Efficient Growth
with 6sense Revenue AI™

Eliminate wasted costs, time, and effort in any climate — while delivering high-quality pipeline and predictable revenue.


Information Overload Is Real.
Intelligence Is the Answer.

In today’s data-rich landscape, teams are overloaded with commoditized, easy-to-get information. Yet it’s hard to find useful, actionable signals within all that noise.

The result? Guesswork, inefficiency, waste, and missed opportunities.

The solution? Intelligence.

6sense Revenue AI™ delivers the most meaningful B2B intelligence to revenue teams. Our platform uncovers anonymous buyers, understands their behavior, and directs you to engage the ones most likely to buy….with the right message at precisely the right time.

Age of Intelligence

When You Know Everything,
You Can Do Anything.

6sense was founded to answer a simple question: Wouldn’t sales and marketing be a whole lot easier if we just knew who was looking to buy our product?

It’s a simple question, but quite difficult to answer without access to reliable revenue intelligence and purpose-built AI. 

Access to actionable insights and recommendations helps organizations remove guesswork and make decisions with confidence.

6sense provides answers to questions such as:

Who is on the
buying team?

What are they
interested in?

Where are they in
the buying journey?

When is the right
time to reach out?

What should I
say to them?

How should I
contact them?


How Intelligent Revenue Creation Transforms Teams



How Intelligent Revenue Creation Transforms Teams



Gain Visibility Into Your Dark Funnel

Generating revenue is a lot harder when you’re stuck in the dark using outdated information. Use 6sense’s cutting-edge technology and industry-leading insights to illuminate hidden signals and missed opportunities in your funnel.

How 6sense Revenue AI™ Works:

Our Data

6sense uncovers anonymous buying signals to curate the most relevant dataset for B2B.

Website Activity

Deanonymize visitor behavior on your website, as well as millions of others on the B2B web, and reliably map it back to accounts.

Company Data

Utilize firmographics like company size, revenue range, financial information, in addition to technographics.

People Data

Leverage 380M+ buyer profiles, complete with verified emails, phone numbers, and detailed psychographics.

Intent Data

Track unlimited customized keywords at the topic- or keyword-level. We even provide keyword recommendations.

Pre-Intent Data

Leverage a prospect’s company news, leadership changes, job listings, funding and much more for hyper-customized outreach.


Our custom-built models use years of CRM & MAP data to better tailor predictions and recommendations, aggregating insights in a single comprehensive dashboard.

Our Intelligence

After cleansing and connecting various datasets, our four proprietary AI models analyze patterns to generate answers to these common business questions:

Who is on
the buying team?

Anonymous Buyer Intelligence knows the right people.

When should
I reach out?

Predictive Intelligence knows the best time.

How should I
contact them?

Recommendation Intelligence knows the tactic to use.

What should I
say to them?

Generative Intelligence knows just what to say.

Our Solutions

6sense delivers relevant insights and data in purpose-built applications to create effective, simplified workflows that integrate with your existing tech stack.

Empower marketers with the revenue intelligence to seamlessly launch targeted campaigns across channels and buying groups.

Enable sellers with leading account and contact intelligence to spend less time researching and more time opening and closing deals.

Ready to see 6sense in action?

Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.