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Lead to Account Matching

Confidently connect web traffic and intent signals to buyers and accounts across devices, channels, and locations. 6sense Account Identification uses AI to spot ideal accounts, where they are in their journey, and members of the buying team.

Identify & target the right opportunities

Industry-leading match rates ensure your insights are accurate and insightful. Match visitor activity back to  accounts that are in-market and a best-fit for your business.

Personalize the buying experience

Identify buyer behaviors, interests, and engagements to craft personalized interactions at every step of the buying journey unique to each buyer persona.  

Understand campaign & activity impact

Correlate engagement with your accounts to understand the impact of your revenue-driving efforts. Gain deeper insights into how your teams are moving the needle with key accounts. 

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Identify & target the right opportunities

Demystify the accounts and buyers in-market for your solutions with industry-leading match rates.

Only 3% of buyers ever fill out a form on your website. Without access to the right technology, that leaves your team in the dark on 97% of deals. 

Our best-in-class account identification and matching, which consistently outperforms against competitors in head-to-head tests, identifies millions of anonymous buying signals to match them back to the accounts you care about.

Florence Healthcare increased opportunity values by 45% with 6sense.

Within three months, forty percent of pipeline was influenced by 6sense and engagement among enterprise accounts grew 25%.

Navigate information gaps

Match anonymous buyer intent to new and existing accounts to save time.

Understand visitor behavior

Identify buyers, interests, and engagement patterns to personalize at-scale.

Gain buyer visibility

6sense offers the industry’s highest account match rate, delivering a complete picture of the entire buying team and their journey.

Personalize the Buying Experience with 6signal™

You can’t personalize if you don’t know who your visitors are or what they’re interested in.

Get accuracy when it matters with the industry’s best account match rates. With insight into who is visiting your site and where they are in the buying journey, revenue teams are able to deliver better buying experiences, accelerate pipeline, and close more business.

Understand campaign & activity impact

Uncover the real impact your revenue-driving activities have at your most critical accounts. 

End infighting between teams over attribution and impact. Align them on the same metrics that provide real-time insights into their efforts. 

Access to reliable account identification removes the guesswork by allowing teams to track account progression and the impact of their sales & marketing efforts.

FireEye increases deal sizes by 25% using 6sense-identified accounts.

Using 6sense-qualified accounts, FireEye saw 5x a higher pipeline-to-closed won conversion rate.

Create a unified source of truth for your team

With rich account and contact data, revenue teams align to prioritize and target the right accounts.

Increase your average deal size by 2x

Our customers deliver seamless buying experiences to future customers filled with personalized outreach and tailored solution to win more deals.

Maximize ad spend & boost performance

Take a data-driven advertising approach with greater visibility into buyer behavior and interests to improve results.

Reduce wasted efforts & focus on what works

No more time spent prospecting to uninterested accounts, sending spam and making cold calls. Embrace our recommended actions and predictive insights.

Account Identification Features:

6signal™ Graph API

Seamlessly embed our patented account identification technology 6signal™ within your platform to accelerate adoption and enable personalized experiences.

Company Identification

6sense’s technology identifies and associates traffic and activity across IPs, cookies, and devices, accurately matching visitors to accounts, regardless of their location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Process that matches anonymous web traffic and intent signals to buyers and accounts across devices, channels, and locations.

Automated process that links incoming leads with the appropriate accounts in your sales or marketing systems.

“Taking action real-time is absolutely critical for us, so 6sense is empowering every marketer with SEI to successfully go to market with their segment.”

Seth Morrison

Chief Marketing Officer, SEI

“Running a head-to-head test with 6sense and competitors gave us a high level of confidence that 6sense was the right solution for us and was going to deliver the solutions that we needed.”

Tony Condi

Senior Director of Integrated Marketing and Operations, Motorola Solutions


“6sense has done an amazing job at accurately matching anonymous signals to accounts in our system, uncovering opportunities that we would have otherwise not seen or been able to act on.”

Michael Lamb

Director of Marketing Technology, Mitel

Integrations built to centralize & maximize your tech stack

6sense already integrates with a wide range of sales, marketing, and operations technologies that your team uses everyday.

Connect critical systems, build more engaging campaigns, and deepen the insights that live within your existing tech stack.

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Ready to see 6sense in action?

Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.