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B2B Data

Reliable, Accurate B2B Data Your Team Can Always Trust

No other solution offers the kind of comprehensive, precise, and relevant B2B data that 6sense does. Achieve your revenue goals quickly with 6sense’s millions of data points and industry-leading intelligence.

Gain Complete Visibility Into Your Market

B2B data is easy to come by, but is it actually valuable?

Giving your team inactionable data is basically giving them no data at all.

6sense’s purpose-built AI models analyze millions of data points — across firmographics, technographics, psychographics, intent data, contact information, and more —  to provide laser-focused insights your team can use to generate more revenue.

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A Few Stats We Think Are Pretty Neat

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Leverage the Most Reliable Dataset for B2B

Connecting different data providers together shouldn’t be a full-time job. 

6sense provides all the necessary insights, centralized in one view, to win in any economic climate.

Select the Best Accounts

Company Details

Know everything about your ICP including revenue range, employee range, and much more.


Know which technologies your prospects are using — and when they renew.

Company Hierarchy

Know how the corporate structure works across subsidiaries and geographies.

Know About Them

First-Party Web Activity

Know exactly which web pages and campaigns are driving engagement.

6sense Intent Keywords

Know what your customers and prospects is researching for, and when they’re ready to buy.

Third-Party Intent Signals

Know which similar solutions or competitors your customers and prospects are researching.

Engage with Key Buyers

Job Title & Seniority

Know exactly which personas to target, to close deals faster.

Persona Influence

Know who really holds the decision making power for every deal.

Contact Details

Know exactly how to engage via business email and direct-dial phone number.

“Everything starts with data, and 6sense is our most reliable data source to be able to deliver those experiences.”

Katie Foote

Chief Market Officer, Drift

“The ability to pair account scoring with engagement scoring is critical for campaigns to work better — and it ultimately enables us to have more use cases across the organization.”

Joe Rapolla

Sales and Marketing Operations Manager, Nanawall

“Psychographics changed the way I looked at intent. They make the edge of our competitive ax sharper because they help us think deeper about what the recipient of an email is looking for and what they’re truly concerned about.”

Edd Young

Vice President of Sales Ops, Martal Group

“6sense is considered a strong source of data to help all of our sellers align their focus and attention on the accounts they target for the year, the quarter, the week, and the day.”

Derek Antti

Revenue Development Manager, Clari

“It was valuable to see 6sense’s ability to continuously machine learn and improve the predictive model as we clean and improve our dataset. That was definitely a differentiator for us.”

Phil Tran

Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations, SailPoint

“A must-have for data-oriented revenue teams. There are a lot of solutions offering intent, ABM or intel. Having tried others, you either are left cobbling together disparate solutions, or using 6sense.”

Gartner Peer Review

Chief Marketing Officer, $250M-$500M Transportation Company

How We Collect & Process Data to Build A Reliable GTM Foundation

All data that enters the 6sense universe is processed by our proprietary data capture system and continually enhanced by our team of data scientists.

This means the business data you rely on is precise, immediately actionable, and compliant with data privacy standards.

6sense procures and arranges extensive B2B data and intent signals from various first- and third-party sources through in-house capabilities and an extensive partnership network.

We continually monitor the digital infrastructure of companies using proprietary AI and machine learning models, enabling us to decode and organize 60+ company and people attributes.

What sets 6sense apart is our capability to process trillions of unstructured data elements into meaningful, actionable intelligence tailored for every customer.

6sense’s embedded customer-data platform (CDP) grants you instant access to all of the historical data that our platform has collected and maps it to your own buyer data to create a single source of truth.

If a change in the data landscape occurs, we quickly modify, append, or delete details to ensure you’re always up to speed.

6sense is committed to providing the most accurate data by continuously assessing, renewing, and expanding our datasets across categories and geographies.

Still don’t believe 6sense has the best B2B data in the business? Put us to the test!

See how 6sense helps you uncover hidden demand and engage with buyers that might be invisible to your current strategies with your own custom-built In-Market Demand Report!

Just provide a few data points, and we’ll generate a personalized list of companies actively researching for your solution over the past 7 days – along with firmographic details on industries, revenue ranges, and employee ranges.

Security & Compliance is Our Priority

6sense maintains industry-recognized certifications and self-attestations, and complies with applicable global regulations to assure our customers that their data is secure and protected.

California Consumer Privacy Act

Enhance Your Tech Stack with 6sense Data

Our data integrates with leading technologies that marketers and sellers use every day.

In fact, many vendors — such as Drift and G2 — leverage 6sense to enhance their own platforms, serving 6sense insights and recommendations to their customers directly within their native solutions.


Turn Data Into Intelligence with 6sense

Companies of all sizes recognize the credibility of our data, and choose 6sense to power their revenue engines.

Empower marketers with intelligence to launch targeted campaigns across channels and buying groups.

Enable sellers with intelligence to spend less time researching and more time closing deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

B2B data encompasses information about business-to-business interactions, including:

  • Account Information
  • Behavioral Data
  • Transaction Data
  • Intent Data
  • Contact Data, and
  • Relationship Data

This data includes insights into company details, buying behaviors, commercial interactions, and inter-business connections.

By leveraging these various data points, 6sense’s platform helps its customers target and engage with prospects more effectively. Utilizing 6sense’s B2B data analysis can uncover hidden demand and transform lead generation for your business.

6sense provides a multitude of different datasets at the company and person-level, including:

  • Account Firmographic
  • Technographic
  • Psychographic
  • Keyword Intent
  • Contact Data
  • IP-to-Company Matching
  • Ad Media
  • Predictive Data (AI account and contact scoring)

There are multiple ways, depending on your objectives, to purchase 6sense data.

  • Our data is the foundation of the 6sense platform and includes our embedded customer data profile (CDP)
  • Additional contact records can be purchased through our Orchestrations or Sales Intelligence products
  • Large, bulk data sets can be purchased in the form of Data Packs that integrate with data warehouse, object storage, and business intelligence (BI) tools
  • Targeted, structured data sets can be purchased in the form of APIs for a variety of real-time use cases that integrate directly into any technology platform that can accept data via API

6sense ensures its B2B data remains compliant with laws such as GDPR and CCPA by adhering to strict consent and transparency rules and sourcing intent data responsibly. 

Security measures are validated by independent third-party audits, including regular SOC 2 and ISO standard compliance. 6sense’s commitment to data privacy and security reflects its dedication to providing safe and valuable services to customers. Learn more about 6sense Data Collection and Privacy.

6sense actively addresses the decline of third-party cookies by enhancing its B2B targeting capabilities with or without cookies.


6sense continues to identify and engage audiences effectively by utilizing our patented 6signal™ IP Dataset, integrations with platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, and implementing alternative identifiers and contextual targeting.

Our innovative approach ensures seamless ad targeting without third-party cookies, maintaining 6sense’s position as a market leader in a post-cookie world. Learn more about the “cookie-free future” with 6sense.

6sense places data at the core of its operations, ensuring that its datasets are regularly refreshed and updated:

  • Contact data is refreshed and validated every 45 to 60 days, and new data is added monthly
  • Account Firmographic data, maintained through a combination of multiple vendors and proprietary AI algorithms, is refreshed daily when changes are detected
  • Technographic data, accessible within the 6sense platform, is updated on a bi-weekly cycle
  • Additionally, 6sense’s Product & Partnership team assesses and updates third-party intent providers, publishers, and partners on a bi-weekly basis

Ready to see 6sense in action?

Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.