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B2B Data Enrichment

Cleanse and enrich the data that powers your revenue team. Powered by the most accurate, real-time data in B2B, 6sense Data Enrichment and Management aligns sales and marketing on a singular, comprehensive view of your universe of accounts and buying teams.

6sense Data Enrichment

Reach & engage key decision makers

Uncover critical stakeholders that hold decision-making power to influence deals and engage them with personalized messaging.

Grow revenue & build quality pipeline

Knowing who to reach out to and what they care about makes it easier to reach key buyers with the right tactics at the right time.

Remove manual effort & scale data operations

Automate time-intensive processes to scale efforts, reduce inaccuracies, and increase data quality.

Enhance Your Data & Leverage 6sense Insights

6sense Data Enrichment enables your team to access insights about your buyers to create personalized experiences that convert. This information is continually improved through proprietary machine learning and human QA, with daily automated updates to lead, account, and contact records, and comprehensive views of buying team contacts.

Reach key decision-makers across departments

Modern buying teams are large and complex. Winning the deal requires engaging as many of the members as possible.

Find the gaps in your outreach and see the level of engagement you’ve reached across departments and titles. 

6sense identified over 4,000 net-new accounts for Sage Software.

They also saw opportunity creation increase by 50% and over 1,000 newly engaged accounts within three months of using 6sense.

Find the right contacts

Preemptively identify and construct buying teams on accounts before passing to sales.

Purchase contact information

Purchase contacts with key job functions missing in your CRM to increase coverage on accounts.

Prioritize enrichment

Only enrich and add contacts from high-intent accounts to your CRM.

predictive analytics

Grow revenue & build quality pipeline

Enrich your data with deeper insights that will inform all of your revenue-driving activities.

Craft more relevant and personalized messaging to all of your buyers to boost engagement and create stronger opportunities. 

PTC sourced over $1M in net-new pipeline from 6sense-identified accounts.

PTC also generated engagement from 1,200 net-new accounts and 1,000 qualified leads, all within three months of implementation.

Target with precision

Develop dynamic audiences and campaigns using proprietary 6sense data points to maximize performance.

Personalize outreach at scale

Use technographic, firmographic, and millions of other B2B data points to personalize outreach​.

Access technographic data

Leverage unique data points to inform your strategy and run complementary offerings.

Remove manual effort & scale operations

Leverage automation and AI to sync critical technologies, remove duplicative data, clean existing data, and acquire new information.

Scale your data operations with automated workflows and orchestrations that run in the background and keep your information accurate and up-to-date.

RepTrak increased contract values by 64% using 6sense.

RepTrak also obtains 106% of its pipeline goal and a 22 day reduction in sales cycle with 6sense.

Create a source of truth

Improve data cleanliness and centralize your team within one data platform.

Identifiy net-new accounts

Add new accounts to your CRM and MAP that were previously invisible to your revenue team.

Setup enrichment workflows

Automatically enrich your CRM with technographic and market intelligence contexts.

Better Data = Better Decisions

(and they're growing everyday!)

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Frequently Asked Questions

B2B data enrichment includes updated company and buyer profile information, enabling businesses to know when contacts have changed jobs, companies have reorganized, and so on, so that marketing and sales activities leverage the most up-to-date information for a best-practice customer experience and more won deals.

B2B data management is the ability to create actionable data sets across all data sources, centralized control of existing first-party data, and leveraging existing data for better customer and prospect experiences including email communication, and web, social, and content personalization.

CRM data enrichment includes updated customer and prospect profile information, enabling sales and marketing teams to have up-to-date technographic and firmographic information, buying team predictions, and de-anonymized buying signals for accounts in your CRM.

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